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Indigo Bumbu Pesmol, West JavaNese food is delicious and easy

One of West Java’s usual foods is the Tilapia Pesmol, which many people don’t know came from the Sundance area This functional fish is a favorite fish for many because of its new flavor with a delicacy that always makes everyone want to eat.

This dish is quite unusual because it tastes strong but the taste is very unfocused and fresh. The dish is yellow because it uses tarmac, which is why these fish are also known in the name of yellow fish.

Some of the spices and fragrances used to make this tilapia dish are spicy Not only does it add strength and flavor, but it can also give you a fragrance that closes the fishing smell.

It’s not really hard  to make  this traditional West Javanese food; the steps you need to take are not too gentle. This is this Tilapia P Esmol has some special tips for delicious and untasteful flavor: The following are full exposure to practical recipes:

Focus on its freshness if you care about fish as a protagonist

Before you start the cooking process, the first thing is you have to prepare key items such as tilapia; in fact, you can use a variety of fish on this list. If you want to maintain the original feeling of West Java, you should only use tilapia, making sure you choose to be fresh.

There are a few simple suggestions for choosing a new fish, first study the smell of the fish you are about to choose from. Many do not smell fish that are too damaging to the nose, and when inhaled through your nose, the new fish  will release the smell of water.

In addition to the perfume, you can also check the freshness of the fish. There’s always. The implication that fish is no longer fresh is different, especially if you click on the surface of your gut.

New fish are usually easier, and they are different from the color of the scales, and the new fish are still bright and cannot be easily distinguished from their bodies Meanwhile, long-standing fish have a pale period and can easily come out when celebrated, and focus on the white eyes of the new fish.

If you make sure the fish you choose is fresh, you  can now immediately start tilapia as a West Jarvanian cuisine. Of course, the fish must be washed thoroughly to the scales, and then contaminate the fish using olive oil to prevent it from smelling.

Prepare parts of yellow Pesmol Seasoning

After selecting and cleaning the fish and then accusing them of lynx, the West Javaniez diet and the Tilapia processing technique as its recipe It is time to discuss the division, and there are not many things you need to taste Psmol; it is readily available on the market or in others.

The ingredients you need are white and white, each consisting of eight types of onions as well as four contaminants. After preparing, also prepare a finger and a piece of finger for fragments, which later taste passmole for good flavor.

Yellow spice is more common: two leaves for the bay leaf, then a piece of gallanga finger, and a lemon green tree. Don’t forget to add two and ten red Kayin peppers, which will make West Java food passmole more delicious.

Also, don’t forget to supply about 150 million mineral water, followed by chicken rods or powdered mushrooms, salt and sugar By tasting it, the psmol taste you make later balances and overwhelms your tongue, and you can add a little pepper to supplement it.

Also prepare fish and delicious fragrances

In this area of West Java, a variety of regular meals will be prepared and  then moved to the next stage, fisheries and fine fragrance Unlike other fish, this tilapia pasamol uses dried fish first to prevent too much fish.

Make sure you use enough oil to bake the fish and heat it, and the aim of using a lot of oil is to gradually fill the fish Because the fish is golden or yellow, sprinkle until it is not dry.

The advice for dried fish not to explode is to sprinkle flour on hot burning fish. Now it’s time to cut out packets, tarmac, ginger pieces and onions and make some nice fragrances.

If smooth and equally mixed, the perfume can be fragranced, and the fragrance can be ridiculed to make the fragrance more delicious and delicious. Do not forget to add components of the Bay Leaf, Lemingrad, and Galangle when laughing, and use only low heat to keep the fire from burning.

Time to switch to Pesmol soup for fish

West Javenian food and its recipe are readily available to make, if fine fragrances now have a fragrance and a female spice. If there are fragrances, pour the mineral water you had prepared earlier, cook and stir the marinade until it is cooked, and if cooked, add the remaining ingredients.

Others remaining are some caiyan peppers that should be cooked altogether, then starting the delicious vegetable process with mushroom or chicken chicken, some of which should be cooked. Make sure it tastes good to season and taste.

If you feel that you have cooked enough, now is the time to add tilapia, which was earlier added to the pepper soup. Make sure you have a mouthpiece, cook until the water has fallen and the tilapia is absorbed into the flesh, and soon the western Javanus specialties are ready to enjoy themselves.

If the pasmos soup drops significantly into the fish and is absorbed into the fish, if the fish is yellow, it can be raised and placed on a prepared plate. Make sure you don’t really finish the Pesmol soup to keep this dish from drying very much.

Not only does it provide a vegetarian presentation for use, but you can include some additional items, such as stars or green pills that add smooth and fresh flavor when eating this traditional sandwich dish.

Now you’re ready to eat a list of tilapia pasmole or yellow fragrances: your family or your closest friend For West Javier food and other places, recipes are delicious and easy to try.

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