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Delicious Recipe Hayam Bakakak Khas West Java Homemade

Indonesia is famous for its people who like to use fragrances to improve the taste, especially in recipes for the usual bakak akak hayam of Western Java.Especially if you look deeper into many variants of nusantara recipes with their own characteristics and tastes to pamper everyone’s tongue, whether it’s dry or soupy.

If we look at dry cooking, it can go through the process of cooking through frosting, burning, burning or smoking. Then for delicious food, you know that the people who process them don’t have many forms. Hayam bakakak itself is included in the specialty food category because the process makes it through the steaming and roasting process.

Two phases of absolute production are intended to make the cooking in and the meat is more tender when eaten. Many variants of processing recipes other than western hayam bakakak javanese recipes use this method to be able to highlight and improve the flavor of food from spices and roofs well in the dish.

Of course, you can make it yourself at home with simple ingredients but it also tastes delicious when eating with rice. But remember because of the use of the process of aerosol sauce and cushioning, the essential cooking utensils must also be in line with the conditions so that cooking can be well cooked chicken meat.

How to cook Hayam Bakakak Recipes normal of West Java

Can make bakakak chicken that you have to prepare ingredients in advance, is all the chicken divided in the middle. The jam chicken tips can be used to natural chicken to give the meat a milder and more delicious taste. Then continue to prepare 500 milligrams of lemon milk, 1 lemon tree, 2 orange leaves and a bay, 500 milligrams of water, salt and sugar to taste.

After that for a good cooking prepare 4 cloves of the onion, 8 cloves of the cheese, 3 pecan seeds. Don’t forget another 1 part of galangal, 1 part of ginger, 1 tsp of coriander and 1 tsp of pepper then use all this spice for later use when you want to pick up the chicken. But before you have to grease the chicken with 3 cloves of the cheese, salt 1 tbsp and 1 part turmeric ±30 minutes.

The next step in the western javanese hayam bakakak dish is to sauté the spice sauté perfect with olive milk and other ingredients until it produces the fragrance. Then put the chicken allowed to stand before entering the pan and wait until the spices will dip in. just wait until the autumn The wood seems to contain texture and the milk procession, the orange will shrink.

Once the season has been wet into the chicken meat, continue the process by curating the chicken until it is brown. At this time of year you can continuously smear the chicken so the cooking will further emphasize the taste of western Javanese bakakak chicken. If it seems to be cooked, the chicken is ready to serve along with other fresh vegetables.

Taste the usual Hayam Bakakak character of West Java

Basically, every processed meat has to have a distinctive flavor and this is no exception for simple West Javanese hayam bakakak cooking. You can try this recipe yourself at home because the processmethod is simple and the use of ingredients can be found anywhere. guaranteeing that the taste of chicken will not be lower than the menu of other well-known restaurants.

With a special flavor you can feel salty but still feel harmonious. Of course, these flavors can be adapted to each flavor. Especially with vegetables and cheese, you will be able to taste special foods that can be eaten with warm rice. This meal can also be served for a specific celebration or activity with the family.

If you want to see other variants of western javanese bakak hayam dishes, on the internet many people have given articles about their variants that you can use as a reference.Of course everyone has the same processing base but the end results will also give different flavors even if some spices and processing techniques are the same.

You can also replace existing dishes with your own food flavors, such as adding spices to better highlight the taste of Indonesian cuisine. You can start a business by selling grilled chickenusing your own noodle recipe. The distinctive flavor will be able to stimulate the attention of many to taste food from West Java.

Hayam Bakakak has a unique history and story behind its deliciousness

Essentially bakakak itself is interpreted by sitting across legs in the Sundanese, so the origin of the reason why this food is called a bakakak chicken is because the chicken is made to separate in the middle with the cross edible thigh sits like sitting across the legs. In addition, the recipe for hayam bakakak is typical of Western Java if it is often used during a particular celebration.

The culture of the Sundanese or west Java region usually uses grilled chicken as a meal at a wedding festivities. The bride and groom will later eat chicken during the ijab qabul ceremony for their cultural activities. Food is eaten without rice so that the bride and groom can eat a snail or two sharks.

In addition to applying during the wedding ceremony, bakakchicken dishes can also be used at traditional celebrations or ceremonies, a blessing on a day of happiness. Of course, this has become the cultural tradition of the Sundanese people, especially the Pandeglang area, which has passed down for generations so that the recipe for the usual west Java bakakak hayam remains the same.

As we know if the marriage traditions of each region have its own characteristics, both in Central and West Java. But there are still two areas with cultural differences and ways to be grateful to them individually. If you are interested in the customs of the wedding culture, there is nothing wrong with using bakakak chicken dishes as a wedding blessing.

Hayam Bakakak Dishes was found in some special places only

Of many nusantara foods in Indonesia, ayam bakakak is one of the rare foods found wherever you look for it. However, there are many famous restaurants that can serve this as the main menu. This is because many people don’t realise how special this food is.

But don’t worry because you can still make a simple Javanese hayam bakak bakak recipe yourself with a recipe that has been provided before or find it self-contained on the internet.If you look at the cooking method, it’s really hard, there’s nothing wrong with trying to process this recipe because it can satisfy a different flavor and different from other processed chicken meat.

It should be noted that natural chickens are more instructive because they can give you more taste than other types of chicken. Then if you want to make a business using a recipe hayam bakakak, you should focus on the quality of ingredients and products so as not to upset customers. The prominence of the distinctive salt sweet flavor will always be interesting for foodies to feel.

Since it’s rare to be found in another place, then of course this is a good business idea for you to try. Start from the foundation by opening a restaurant in your home and promoting the taste of grilled chicken to everyone. Improvise western javanese hayam bakakak recipe into your own transformation to attract many customers.

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