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Address Samsung Jakarta service center completes uuk overcomes your problems

For those of you who own this big company’s product, of course, the existence of the Samsung Jakarta  service center can be a compelling and best option for solving various types of problems.The existence of this official service can already be found in almost every city in Indonesia, including in the capital area.Customers have the convenience of searching at some point.

N repair centerscan be a reference for you who want to repair your favorite phone is damaged;not only is the smartphone, the service also offers updates for Samsung’s products such as Refrigerators, Fans, Tv, DVD, projectors to other products from the same company.

But actually most Samsung service centers in Jakarta only serve repairs for smartphones. but you don’t have to worry because we’re going to provide full information about the address of the repair center for Samsung products. This way,  It will make it easier for customers to visit a particular site according to their needs.

Although the availability of electronic product services is actually easier to find, residents still like official services. This is because ordinary employees often don’t know the details and are out about electronic goods. Even in extreme cases, they will replace fake products so that they will only be dangerous.

That’s why the existence of the Samsung Jakarta  service center can be the best option for you.For customers who want to repair at a service facility, they can also make a guarantee claim if your electronic product is still guaranteed.By this reference, you don’t have to pay for the repair.Obviously it will enable you to save on expenses.

At the most complete Samsung Service Jakarta

Don’t want your Samsung product to be damaged and abandoned as well for fear that if you repair it  , it will be more damaged, right?   I’m worried, customers can go directly to one of the Samsung Jakarta  services  below.Guarantee that there is no such thing as worse damage after service.

  1. PGC Cililitan, East Jakarta

The first repair center is located at PGC cililitan-jakarta Timu where it is located jalan Mayjen Sutoyo No. 76 Cililitan-Jakarta 13640. For customers who want to contact the call centre, you can go directly to the 0800 1128888 and free of charge

  1. ITC Cempaka Mas, Jakarta Center

For customers living in the Central Jakarta region, the Samsung Jakarta Service Center can be an option.The location is located in THEITC cempaka Mas Mega Grosir 4th Floor Block D No 245 of course at Jalan Jenderal Soeprapto-Jakarta 10640.

  1. Mall-South Jakarta Ambassador

The location of this Samsung product repair center is at the Ambachachor store, floor 2 number 3-5, located on Jalan Prof.Dr.Satrio Jakatra Selatan 12940

  1. Roxy Central Jakarta

In addition to the service center at ITC Cempaka Masa located in central Jakarta, Roxy Central Jakarta can also be an option. For those of you interested in repairing a mobile phone here, you can come directly to itC Roxy Mas 1 floor 4 number 12-16 located exactly in jalan KH Hasyim Ashari 125 Jakarta, 10150

  1. ITC Fatmawati

The address of this service center is located at ITC Fatmawati Jaksesl Ruko No 17, which is definitely located Jalan.RS Fatmawati No 39-12150.   You can come to the address directly for more detailed information.

Service center at Lain di Jakarta

In addition to the samsung jakarta service center list above, it turns out that there are other repair center options in the capital area.This is not for no reason because Jakarta itself is one of the most user-friendly cities of Samsung products.Here are the other addresses you can go.

  1. Condet Jaktim

For residents in the Jaktim area who want to repair their phones and other Samsung products, they can come in immediately to repair it which is located at Jalan Raya Condet Number 333-HBerada in Shophouse No. 8 Belekambang Village, of course in the Kramat Jati area

  1. Mango Two Airports

Meanwhile, for Samsung product users located in the Jakut area, they can visit Mangga 2 Square Blok B Mall number 7-8, of course located in Jalan Gunung Sahari, North Jakarta.

  1. Sunter

In addition to Mangga Dua Square, you can also come to the Samsung Jakarta Service Center , which is located at the Green Lake Sunter Shophouse Blok M-TBS, which is located at Jalan Danau Sunter to the south.

  1. Beijing location

Another option of the repair center located in Jaksel is at Pacifik Place, which is located in Jalan Jenderal Sudirman Kavling 52-53 at Lot 11.

  1. Daa Mogot

Do you live around the Kalideres area? Samsung’s product repair centres here can be targeted. Located at Ruko Imperial Block C12-15, Jalan Daan Mogot Raya Kalideres-West Jakarta.

  1. Mall Pluit Village

Pluit Village Mall also provides a repair centre or Samsung service centre where you can come directly at Pluit Village Mall L3-32 Jalan Pluit Indah Raya-JAKUT.

Hence many of the address options of the Samsung Product Repair Center, which is located in the capital city. If you have any questions about your product, then you can immediately connect to the 0 800 1128888 phone number where this is a free phone service. In addition, it helps customers get more information. .

Different types of problems on smartphones

Do you know the address of the Samsung Jakarta service center  ?  For those of you who are a smartphone user from Samsung, the presence of this repair center can also solve problems on your favorite smartphone including the following.

  1. Frequent phone starts or reloads

A new launch is one way to improve the performance of the phone. But what if your phone is often automatically restarted over and over again? Obviously it would be a problem in itself, right?

  1. Phone screen experiences dead pixels

Another problem that can be solved by the repair centre is that phone screens are experiencing death pixels. Conditions like this usually indicate that your mobile phone can’t be used anywhere, even if the battery is fully batteryd and does not indicate any life

  1. Sudden lymph lost battery

A lost battery can really interfere with a person’s performance, especially if you always rely on a mobile phone each day, right? But you don’t have to worry just taking it to the service centre and then all these problems can be solved. That way, then your problem can be solved immediately.

Other problems on smartphones often arise

In addition to some of the problems at the top, smartphones also experience other problems. Below are some of the problems that often occur with smartphones.

  1. Late phone calls

A slow phone is one of the conditions it will disappoint the owner. And it turns out that slow phones can also happen on various smartphones. Samsung products are no exception. The hp problem is usually caused by things.

  1. The camera cannot be turned on

While it is very rare, the problem of cameras that cannot be opened also often plagues Samsung users. What’s more, if open there is a description of the failed war cameras. If you can’t handle it yourself, then bringing it to the service is an option.

  1. Power buttonand sound button snooze not responding well

Another problem that often plagues Samsung users is the power button and the sound they can’t respond to properly. While it’s very rare, this problem clearly makes your activity more anxious and your mobile phone unreliable. That is why, you have to correct it immediately.

No matter how sophisticated the electronic products you are, they cannot be separated from damage or problems. Including your electronic products coming from Samsung companies.   But you don’t have to worry anymore! To overcome this, you can come directly to the Samsung Jakarta  service center above.

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