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The difference between the communication center by phone and social networks

As one of the companies in the State Corporation (BUMN) category, the communications centre must  be provided by the company. It is not without reason that a large company is obliged to provide interaction phone services and digital connections. This is because there are many users who use telephony services in Indonesia.

And if users have problems or problems while using products from the contact, the first step consumers are taking is to contact the Connection Center service. So indirectly, this call center service serves as an information center about the disturbances experienced by telco companies.

In addition, consumers have the right to file complaints about services that are incompatible with the process. Then, users can submit criticisms and suggestions through contact center services to be used as an evaluation material by the telecom.

Why should all companies provide communication center services?

Referring to government rules, any large company with a large user base must truly provide communication center services. The goal is to facilitate resolution if users have problems using the company’s services.

One of the big companies that provides communication center services is the struggle. Each company has its own policy of providing a merged information center service. The service has the main function to explain to users the solution to the problem that is being experienced.

In addition, the Contact Center is also required to investigate all complaint reports submitted by consumers. And remember, the task of this contact center must record all entries, criticisms and suggestions used as sources or evaluation topics for the company.

The risks of companies not providing service to the communication center

There are many risks that may be posed by some companies that do not offer communication center services. If this is left unsolved, there is a long-term and complete danger. Therefore, these are some of the dangers of a lack of communication center services provided by certain companies. These are:

  1. He received respect from the government

Of course, the first risk from the government has been strongly rebuked because companies need to provide communication centre services so that users can submit complaints directly via an interaction phone or e-mail via social networks.


  1. lack of trust in the eyes of consumers

The lack of trust in the eyes of consumers is the second danger for companies that do not provide communication center services because it makes it easier for users to access the company’s services. as a contact center that is always contacted by consumers to find out about product information.


  1. it’s hard to evaluate the company

and the latest risk is that the company’s assessment is difficult. That’s because the company doesn’t have user complaint data. In this way, to improve the quality and performance of the company, insertion, criticism, and user recommendations are required.

The Telecom Call Center will be one of the communication services for the cartel phone and digital e-mail

In general, these big companies in Indonesia offer a contact service. Usually, these interaction services are a local communication center or relationships sourced within the state. That’s because customers are only in Indonesian contacts like this, and all communications are local.


In addition to a telephony call, the Telekom Call Center service  is now “developed” and digitally available. So, anyone can easily submit complaints, criticisms and suggestions to the PT.


The contact center can now be accessed through digital media through call centres on social networks. So, custom items can transmit all product-related problems through digital media such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.


This step is set to be able to reach users widely. This is because it is not only big for telco users, but also those who always actively use social networks.


With the telephony center on social networks , it hopes to be able to solve the problems or barriers that consumers have experienced quickly and accurately to increase consumers’ confidence and satisfaction with telcoproducts


The difference between the talcom communication center by calling a contact and on social networks

Both types of call centers provided by PT. The telecome is very different in terms of steaming. Although it’s different, you’re still getting the comfort of connecting to call center services from the contact.


The first difference is that the call center is trusted by the employee through an intern’s phone call. So, you must provide the necessary trust to connect to the Call Center service via an contact contact. At the same time, this connection center uses only the Internet data section through social networks. So it’s cheaper in terms of price.


The second difference is that the Call Center service gets a very quick response via an intern’s phone call. In fact, for certain cases, it can be resolved by the information service center provider in PT. Telcom, therefore, you don’t have to come to the nearest branch office to overcome the barriers that have been experienced.


At the same time, the social network communication center that has been notified by the telco takes time to answer all the complaints or questions or complaints that come through the feature of the direct message In this way , the process of solving problems through the telephony center through social networks announces that it  is a little slower when compared to the communication lines


The third difference is that call center services using a caller are sometimes difficult to connect to. This is because of the large number of incoming relationships. So, the officer can’t call the phone call you’re making. For this, you have advised you to contact the contact center continuously.


At the same time, the message you deliver through this social networking centre can be received by the officer. Quickly , the officer will respond to all letters related to complaints about the company’s product If you need special treatment, you will get the number of complaints to resolve the complaint by the relevant authorities.


How to contact the Telekom Communication Center via a contact phone and social networks

In fact, anyone can contact the CT connection center. Telecom, especially consumers experiencing product problems. How to connect to it is very easy. For those you want to contact the Contact Contact Center, then please use a phone or landline.


After that, immediately press the call center number from the telco to 147. Then, there is a customer service that directs you to submit complaints, criticisms, or suggestions. Usually, discussions between call centers and consumers are recorded to improve the quality of related companies.


If you submit a complaint through your social networks through your phone center  , you should only use direct message features on TelkomIndonesia (Twitter), TelkomIndonesia (Instagram), and Telkom Care (Facebook).


Make sure the call center accounts you called have blue check marks. This is because the telecom accounts that are confirmed and managed by the directors of the communication center have blue check marks.


Point. Telcom is one of the state-owned companies, the company is run by the state, so if this state-owned company provides a center-to-center communication service to serve complaints, complaints, criticisms and suggestions from consumers now, Telcom digitally submits complaint services. So, the Contact Center  can be easily and actively contacted for a full 24 hours.

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