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Visit Asus Service Center Surabaya and get results

When you hear that Asus Service Center is Surabaya, what’s on your mind? The various products produced by the Taiwanese brand can be repaired in the most suitable place. Many points in Surabaya are the most suitable places for the owner of the property to visit.

Asus is a company from Taiwan and has spread to several countries in the world, including several developed countries. Indonesia is one of the countries that have experienced the development and spread of Asus sales, especially in the city of Surabaya in East Java.

Initially, this company developed PCs, and then moved on to laptops, mobile phones, motherboards, and more to dare to take out touchscreen computers. Usually in some places, if you encounter a touch keyboard on the screen, that’s the novelty.

However, the sale of these touchscreen computers didn’t last long, and eventually they decided to break the chain of sales and replace them with tablet innovations. Asus Service Center is one of the places to visit when buying Surabaya.

Until recently many people preferred to use tablets because they are flexible and easy to carry anywhere. Compared to mobile phones, the screen and functions are much larger. However, this is not quite enough when it comes to coping with the large functions of the computer.

Asus Service Location in Surabaya

The existence of Asus Service Center Surabaya is the best solution for people who have problems with their various computer devices. Surabaya residents can find various improvements in the following places:

  1. The Jalan Clampis Jaya of Clampis Engasem No. 39 operates from 09.30 am to 16.30 pm every Monday to Friday.  You can contact 1500128 031.
  2. THE ITC Mega Grocer, the second floor, is exactly located in block L7-5, which operates every Monday to Saturday, starting at 09.30 pm and ending at 17.00 pm. Sunday off. 37391516 can be contacted on 031.
  3. In Jalan Baratajaya and Gubeng, the opening time will be closed at 08.30 am, every Monday to Friday at 17.00 am and on Saturdays at 15.00 am only. If you want to get in touch by telephone, you can contact us on 031 5019500.
  4. Kayon Street No. 14, Mbong Kaliacin, it is open every Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 17.00 and every 09.00 to 14.00 on Saturdays. 99250789 can be contacted on 031.
  5. Plaza Marina, the second floor of Block J No. 15, can be visited from 11.00 am to 20.30 am every Monday to Sunday. If you need a telephone contact, you can go 99842414 031.
  6. The Second Floor of Ruko Primealayan in Jalan Karthini No. 123A is ready to visit every Monday to Friday at 08.00-16.00 pm every Monday to Friday.   Please also call 5680097 031.
  7. Ruko Block K No. 27, Thaman Flora Bratang is ready to serve every Monday-Friday, 09.00-17.00.  You can contact us via 031 5027623.

The Asus Service Center is one of the best destinations that can be visited when experiencing various Asus hardware errors  at the Seven Locations  of Surabaya.  You can determine one by considering the distance and the nearest place.

Common damage to Zenfone

The zenfone smartphone is one of Asus’ worldwide brand innovations, including capturing a position in the Indonesian electronics market. This brand, like the others,  may be one of the materials to be repaired in Asus Service Center Surabaya.

Some of the damage commonly experienced on zenphones is exposed to water, and today’s youth are in the habit of carrying cellphones anywhere, including in the bathroom. Online motorcycle taxi drivers who do not have a mobile phone protector can also experience this type of damage.

Some people will visit the best service place on the basis that the cell phone is completely damaged for various reasons. For damages like this, pay attention to the warranty book and see if it is still valid or not. If yes, you’re lucky to be able to use it.

“Unfortunately, the application has stopped…” Have you ever found the inscription of ? On your phone? If it happens once or twice, perhaps it doesn’t have to be argued. However, if it is persistent and interferes with function, the risk of damage to EMMCIC or his brain is very high.

As in humans, when the brain also experiences an error, the activity of all other members has an effect. Since it is very serious, it is recommended to visit Asus Service Center Surabaya  to get the best treatment and restore the  functioning of the cellphone.

The example above is just one example, while there may be other types of damage in the field without prediction.  You can learn more directly.

The importance  of knowing the repair number

When you visit Asus Service Center Surabaya,  you will be officially provided with a repair number that can be updated remotely and regularly  .   You can observe how the device’s service progresses without going directly to the location.

The method is easy, go to the official Asus website, then enter the repair section, then enter the repair number provided.  You will naturally see the process and status of the device, so it is very easy to observe it.

In some situations, sometimes in this case the last date of the estimate repair time is sometimes unpredictable. The numbers are just predictions, while they actually depend on how badly the damage is done, so it will take longer to get faster.

This is important information to be aware of, which means that when the service provider doesn’t show you a number, you can ask for it directly. If you don’t have access to check the service process, you’ll be more anxious while waiting.

Asus Service Center has provided the Surabaya facility  without the need for equipment owners to visit the outlet directly.   You only need to make visits twice, which means when the goods are delivered for maintenance, when the technicians have finished repairing them.

The importance of why you should know  serial numbers

If you have already left  Asus Service Center Surabaya  without knowing or asking about the maintenance number, you can also enter  the serial number   on each type of  device  .

Serial number is an identity that exists   on a device that can be distinguished from  each other. If it is likened to a human being, it can be equated with an identity card or ID card. Each device has a different identity and it is impossible to have the same serial number between mobile phones.

This serial number is always unique, usually consisting of a combination of long letters and numbers, depending on each brand.  You don’t have to memorize it, prepare paper or other media to take notes, and then input it.

This serial number is owned by all computer components, not just the overall bundledling of the computer. There are serial numbers of keyboards, mice, monitors, etc. Each serial number makes it easier to track each of the electronic devices that have been repaired.

Tracking from the serial number and repair number  is a way  to make it easier for asus service center  to  get in touch  with Surabaya. It is impossible to get this type of service when you  decide to choose an unofficial service location from Asus.

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