How to Contact Indosat Ooredoo Call Center forRoaming List: IDLIX

There are many tasks that Indosat Ooredo call center  can do in addition to dealing with card problems that sound ordinary and common. However, they are also able to help you to register on a roaming package. Have you ever heard of the package? I hear often, but many don’t know what it means.

In Indosat Ooredo does serve data roaming for those of you who are beyond the reach of the network. For example, traveling abroad. It is certain that in other people’s countries, Indosat signals do not exist, right? But, you are also reluctant to change the provider card from the country visited, then the short way must be a roaming list.

Indeed, in fact, after later contacting the Indosat Ooredo call center , there will be excess fees based on the country you are going to. That’s natural, because the service provided is different when you are still in the country. However, that way there is also no need to bother looking for a communication network when abroad.

However, this roaming is recommended for those of you who travel abroad in a short time, and do not intend to stay for a long time. Here’s what we need to know about roaming and how to activate it in Indosat Ooredo.

Getting to Know Roaming and The Advantages When You AreAbroad

Before we explain how the activation is, it is better to first know what is meant by actual roaming. According to the short sense, you can still use local telecommunication services, even if you are abroad.

As explained above, if indosat Ooredo call center has said its international roaming is active, there are special tariffs that rely on roaming rates in each country.

It is very clear, when you are outside, it is impossible for the provider card to be used, directly can access SMS, phone and even the internet, because it must be registered first to a provider in the country before leaving.

If you ask the benefits obtained after being registered with Indosat ooredo international roaming, here are some things that will be obtained:

  1. You can still freely search on Google using the browser on your phone.
  2. Free access to various social media freely, just like we are still in the country.
  3. You also stay in touch with the people in whatsApp contacts and even keep your status up to date.
  4. Any form of telecommunications, whether phone, SMS and even video calls can still be done either doing or receiving it.
  5. Also, when you’re activating your phone in airplane mode, the call goes directly to voice mail.

General Terms and Conditions of Indosat Ooredo Roaming List

Soon, you have to leave Indonesia to go abroad in a few days, while roaming needs have not been done. Take it easy, there is an Indosat Ooredo call center everything can be done easily and quickly. The process on that day, completed on the spot.

Why choose this provider? In addition to cheap, complaint services will also be heard well, processed quickly and without much drama. So, before asking for customer service assistance for this process, you must first know the terms and conditions in general.

Actually, if your card is prepaid, it can automatically be directly switched to roaming. As long as the card is still active, go directly to the roaming service only without having to consult with the Indosat Ooredo call center.

However, if your card is postpaid, you must pay off the bill first. Even so, all of them must also meet all their terms and conditions. Knowing it is also enough to help you not to be surprised by the service, because from the beginning it has received the conditions, namely:

  1. All are already subject to 10% VAT from the listed price package.
  2. Roaming rates do not apply to satellite and maritime operators.
  3. You should not be surprised, because telecommunication rates can change at any time without prior notice.
  4. You will also get unlimited internet roaming benefits depending on the availability of GPRS / 3G / LTE services.
  5. The availability of telecommunication services depends on the network, the quality of the operator’s network, and the compatibility of Indosat Ooredo roaming customers.

Roaming Activation Steps with the Help of Indosat Ooredo Care

Hopefully, these roaming users will be able to accept all the above conditions, because it will be difficult to also contact the Indosat Ooredo call center if they are already abroad. At least in the country the business is over.

If there are questions or even unclear, then contact CS for help. For activation is indeed quite a lot of steps and requires patience. But sure, the business can be successful in one day only.

Make sure that your card is still active, and has not been blocked. So, you can directly activate it in the following way:

  1. Before activating data for overseas use, users must first activate the roaming settings mode on their phones, such as the following:
  1. Select settings
  2. Click the SIM menu > data roaming
  3. Later, from the enable status activate to on
  4. Then, the APN settings on the device must be indosatgprs.
  1. Then, to be able to activate the data to roaming mode, directly lead to the menu dial specifically for Indosat Ooredo users. Just call *122*1#, next step:
  1. Select the roaming menu and type a number from the country to go to.
  2. Choose the type of quota needed according to the time you are abroad.
  3. Just click the list and later there will be an approval menu, and just click it.
  4. You will receive an SMS notification when the package has started to activate.
  1. If you feel that this method is quite difficult or even there is no response, it is better to activate it by contacting the Indosat call center.

Contact Indosat Ooredo Call Center If There Is a Problem

You must remember, when there is a problem abroad, it will be difficult if you have to contact the Indosat call center. You have to make sure you are active or not by contacting CS first, they will definitely check it.

From the way of activation through the dial number, it can beaccessed again by contacting  the indosat ooredo call center. You can directly call 185 only even though there are credits used in one calln for prepaid number users.

Usually, the problem that occurs, there is no notification that the data roaming is active but has made a quota payment. Just confirm it with customer service with the number 185.

Usually, activation has a bottleneck because the phone needs to be restarted first. Please restart by:

  1. Press the power button on the smartphone for a long time.
  2. After the restart screen appears, just tap it.
  3. Wait a while for the phone to turn on again.
  4. You also have to check into Roaming Data Control to find out the use of data or the internet while abroad.
  5. The active period of the package will follow the time zone in Indonesia, because activating it is also still in the country.

Everything is easy to do with the roaming package. The price is expensive, comparable to the communication that continues to be established while abroad. Because after leaving Indonesia it is difficult to contact the Indosat Ooredo call center, monitor information about data roaming in the application or check the dial code *123*3#.

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