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BJB Bank Code and How to Make an Interbank Transfer

You will need the BJB bank code when you are about to make a transfer from another bank to the BJB bank. The need for money transfers has become a necessity for the people of Indonesia to live their daily lives. People generally carry out transfer activities for the purposes of buying and selling online.

Nowadays, to meet their needs, people often make online purchases. Whether you’re shopping for basic necessities, clothing, electronic devices, and much more. Not frequently to make a payment you have to make a transfer between banks, because the account that is the destination is different from the account you have.

For that you need to know the existing bank codes, so you can make interbank transfers. These bank codes have become an agreement for all banking services in Indonesia. Without using a bank code, you cannot make interbank transfers. Because when you make an interbank transfer without using the destination bank code, it will definitely be rejected by the machine.

There are so many bank codes in Indonesia, so it seems impossible if you have to memorize them all. But it would be nice for you to memorize bank codes that arehighly requested by the majority of Indonesians. For example, the BJB bank code, the BNI bank code, the BRI bank code, the BCA bank code, and the mandiri bank code.

The above banks are banks that have many customers in Indonesia. So the chances are you’ll make a transfer to one of these banks. It would be very useful if you memorize the banking codes that are popularly used. This will make you not need to check the list of bank codes when making a transfer.

What is BJB bank code?

The BJB banking code is a unique code owned by BJB bank. The unique code has become kesepakatan along with other banks in Indonesia. Bank codes usually amount to three digits. The bank code needs to be entered in front of the destination account number when interbank transfers are made.

When making an interbank transfer you will be charged an additional fee. The fees charged vary depending on the bank you use. For the transfer to be successful, you must ensure that the balance is sufficient if it has been added to the transfer fee to be paid. Usually there is also a minimum amount of money transferred.

For example, the cost of transferring BJB banks to other banks is IDR 6,500. Banks then also apply a cap on daily transfers. The amount itself varies, some are IDR 10,000,000 and some are IDR 15,000,000. Makingtran sfur through the bank usually the money is sent very quickly.

Types of Remittances Through Banking

If you are a customer of one of the banks in Indonesia, you need to know the types ofk ban transfers  in Indonesia. There are three types of transfers, namely the national BI (SKNBI), Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) clearing system, and online transfers.  Currently, many Indonesians only know the type of online transfer.


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You can use SKNBI services by arriving directly at the nearest branch office. Using this clearing system you will get a cheaper transfer fee of IDR 5,000. But the funds arriving at the destination account will take 4 hours. In a day you can send funds using the clearing system five times.

For the RTGS method it is used for transfers in very large quantities. The minimum amount of RTGS transfers reaches Rp100,000,000 each time you transact.  This  system is quite rarely used by individuals, usually converted from bank C to bank D.

In addition, i.e. online transfers, this type of online transfer is mostly used by the public. This type of transfer can be made through your ATM machine or smartphone. These online transfer fees vary, usually Rp6,500 to Rp7,500 per transaction.

Banking code of BJB and Various Other Banks in Indonesia

Hemmħafna banek fl-Indoneżja, għalhekk hemm ukoll ħafna kodiċi bankarji li jeżistu. Hawn huma wħud minnhom, il-kodiċi Bank BJB 110, Bank BJB Syariah 425, bank BCA 014, bank Mandiri 008, bank BNI 009, bank BNI Syariah 427, bank BRI 002, bank Syariah Mandiri 451, bank CIMB Niaga 022, bank CIMB Niaga Syariah 022, b ank Muamalat 147 , u bank National Pensioner Savings (BTPN) 213.

Minbarra dawk diġà msemmija hawn fuq, għad hemm diversion, jiġifieri l-kodiċi bankarju JENIUS 213, bank BRI Syariah 422, bank Tabungan Negara (BTN) 200, Permata Bank 013, bank Danamon 011, bank BII Maybank 016, bank Mega 426, bank Sinarmas 153, b ank Commonwealth 950 , bank OCBC NISP 028, bank Bukopin 441, bank BCA Syariah 536, bank Lippo 026, Citibank 031, u Indosat Dompetku 789.

In fact, there are still a lot of banking codes in Indonesia, because each bank has its own code. These codes are used when making a transfer between banks. To see the full list of banking codes in Indonesia, you can use an ATM machine.

How to Make an Interbank Transfer Through an ATM Machine

Suppose you will do transfur with the destination account of the BJB bank.  The first step is to visit the nearest ATM machine where you are.  Then make sure your ATM balance is enough to make a transfer.  Next, follow these steps to make  a transfer between k tires  with the aim of BJB bank:

  1. Insert the ATM card into the ATM machine.
  2. Then type your ATM card pin
  3. If successful, select a transfer then select an online interbank.
  4. Enter the BJB bank code along with the destination account number. Let’s just say that the account number 098765432 and the code is 110. So what you bring in is 1100987654321.
  5. Enter the amount of money you want to transfer. Make sure the face value entered is correct. Because the money that has been transferred cannot be withdrawn. After that select true.
  6. On the monitor screen it will display r i ncian information about the receiver. Make sure the recipient’s account name and number are correct. If you have just clicked correctly.
  7. If there is no error or error, the screen will ask you to confirm that the transaction has been successful. Then the ATM machine will issue proof of the transfer receipt. If you have a bag, it means you have made a successful transfer.
  8. Do not forget to keep proof of the transfer receipt if necessary.

Currently, you have to be very careful when making transfers through ATM machines. Never give your ATM pin to anyone because it’s very dangerous. When you get into the ATM pin in the ATM machine, it shouldn’t be seen by people around you either.

When making an interbank transfer, there are several things to consider. The first is the transfer fee. The cost of interbank transfers varies in amount. Then the second is the destination bank code.  For example, to make interbank shipments with the aim of BJB bank as in the example above, prepare in advance the BJB bank code.